Why Hire Birthday Decorators?

Why hire a birthday decorators, A Birthday is the most special day of the year for everyone and demands utmost celebration leading to lifetime memories. Everyone likes to plan well for this day to make it a grand success. This is where birthday decorators come into action as they ease up your job and make your party more colorful with attractive themes and gifts. On that note, there are plenty of decorators in Hyderabad who specialize in unique decor to choose from based on your requirements.

best birthday decorators in hyderabad

Unique planners are one of a kind and the most sought-after birthday decorators in Hyderabad who promptly do their birthday planning events with great professionalism and quality. Our planners are polite and offer timely services keeping in mind the client’s requirements and stick on until the end of the party to ensure everything goes well. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed if you avail yourself of services from party decorators at unique planners as we take every action keeping the welfare of customers in mind.

Meet with our Expert Planners

About Bhanu the unique Planners

Our company, Unique Planners, has a team of curated designers who carefully understand your requirements and work hard to make your party a huge success. You can meet them personally at our office and customize your design based on innovative backdrop ideas.


If you are looking forward to celebrating an enchanting birthday party, then get in touch with our team by calling us on the number on the website and plan your event well before to keep things organized.

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You can choose the theme of your choice too.

Different themes are trending in the market to make your birthday party unique. Some popular themes are the Butterfly, Royal Family, and Jungle. In addition, some themes can be customized based on the requirements given by the client, along with innovative backdrop ideas. Choose your interesting theme, be it 2D or 3D, and let us know so that our decorators would plan your party grand so that the audience would go in awe of your innate creativity.

Look at some portfolios.

Visit our website and browse through the Gallery section to have a glimpse of our past party event photos to help you decide better. Our photos speak more about the quality of our work and build trust in you about our company. You can instantly connect with the party by glimpsing through the pictures posted in our gallery section. Such lively moments glorify our profile amidst clients to prove our level of perfection at work. Our testimonials can also give a better picture of our work and improve the integrity of our brand. Some pictures are so candid that they would surely trigger you to book services from our company.

Choose the Package that fits your budget.

There are different packages available at competitive prices to fit your budget. All you can do is choose one based on your financial situation or tell the birthday decorator about your budget well in advance, along with your requirements, to choose accordingly. We promise that our party decorators will strive hard to take the work within your budget without compromising on the quality.

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Provide Fun Activities for the Party

A birthday is a fun-filled event to cheer everyone around with memorable moments like cake cutting, music, and dance. The best way to kindle happiness among the audience is to organize some recreational activities to make the party well-entertained. Luckily, unique planners are available at your doorstep to plan and conduct fun activities between the parties to keep the guests engaged and entertained.

The best way to cheer the audience is by rewarding them with impressive gifts as a sweet gesture of participating in the activities or even winning in a few of them. Some interesting fun-based activities include a magic show, birthday games, and DJ music. This is the best way to connect with the audience during the event, as you meet them occasionally and keep them happy throughout the birthday party. Organizing activities can give a good get-together feel at the party, delivering positive vibes.

Ask Questions and Clarify Things before Booking

FAQs are an interesting aspect of any functional website as it helps in getting things cleared for a normal audience. In addition, people will get an insight into the reviews about the company before booking any service, which is a positive sign for any business. So, if you want to attract more customers, post more Q&A on the website to help people get a realistic view of the online business. Make sure you keep the answers crisp in the FAQ section to cater to the audience’s immediate needs in serving them better.


Birthday decorators play an imperative role in any event as they hold immense knowledge in interestingly arranging the party. Get in touch with our party decorators right away to make your party grand in the most relaxing way. We take all the responsibility for the party-related works and are one of the reliable service providers in Hyderabad at reasonable prices. Our staff is always available to cater to your needs with their immense expertise in the decorating field.

Unique planners can handle both small and big party events in the most cordial way with a sheer dedication that makes us stand out from the rest of the party service providers in Hyderabad. You will never be dissatisfied if you book us for your big day. We eagerly look forward to serving you, to helping you create wonderful, long-lasting memories.